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Do you like webcomics? Do you like supporting artists?

Then I'd like to turn your attention to the Kickstarter for Block Party, a webcomic anthology featuring comics from 25 different artists. It is the third such anthology organized by David Daneman, and owning the previous two books myself, I can attest to their quality. The comics are hilarious, the artists (some you may be familiar with, some you might not) are excellent, and you get the joy of owning a physical webcomic treasury. Seriously, all the cool kids will want to hang out with you.

Check it out, and consider throwing some money their way. You'd be helping promote a lot of very talented artists.

posted by Valigarmander @ November 2nd, 2019, 9:23 am  -  1 Comments

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Aw man i got excited bc i thought he was putting u in this one lol

posted by ZSnazzy, November 4th, 2019, 11:04 pm

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