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Expensive bibliophilia.

I own two tall bookcases with five shelves each, and I only have half a shelf left before I run out of space. Which means I either need to stop buying books, or get a new bookshelf. And since the former is never going to happen, I reckon I need to drop by IKEA sometime soon.

What? Why should all my news posts be about BCDE? Maybe I just felt like talking about myself.

posted by Valigarmander @ March 8th, 2017, 5:51 am  -  2 Comments

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You could get a kindle. It's like reading webcomics without pictures.

posted by Ian Evans, March 8th, 2017, 10:03 am


Reading without pictures? Sacrilege!

posted by Valigarmander, March 11th, 2017, 6:21 pm

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