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Switching to traditional.

When I started this comic, I did everything digitally. I would draw comics from start to finish in Photoshop.

Since about May, I've begun doing a lot of traditional, pen-and-pencil drawing. I've been drawing more lately than I have in years, yet for some reason that wasn't translating into more comics. I've decided I'm more comfortable now with traditional drawing, and so I'm shifting the comic from the old method to a new one: sketching and inking it by hand, then scanning it and finalizing it in Photoshop. Hopefully I'll be able to keep riding this wave of creativity, and will get in the habit of drawing more comics and updating more often.

My artstyle has also changed since I last updated BCDE, and I've adapted that style to the comic, thus the characters will look slightly different from here on out. Hopefully the changes will be welcome. Peace!

posted by Valigarmander @ August 16th, 2014, 7:08 pm  -  0 Comments

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