On Christmas Music

August 26th, 2018, 9:06 am

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TimeSceo, August 26th, 2018, 2:02 pm     Reply

Let the man listen to his Christmas tunes

cwDeici (Guest), September 1st, 2018, 6:51 am     Reply

Eve is a bit heavy on her anti-corporate stuff as usual, but I can see why she doesn't want to listen to this stuff ad-nauseum for 3 months...

Btw I left some comments on the comments about Christians 2 comics ago (one even saying they "hated hypocritical Christians") over a *non-Nicene* ***cult*** (meaning they monopolize minds/hearts/social space in order to program people), and didn't even give JWH a fair trial (not that one is much needed, they're a terrible cult, but they do have a few good sides such as fighting the nazis way back during WW2 and their anti-populist authoritarian streak (mostly due to being authoritarian towards another strong centralizing ideological force).

But yes, identifying a non-Nicene cult as Christianity at large and saying you hate them all misses the fact that cults are borderline criminal in the way they manipulate people, completely misses the fact that JWH rewrote the Bible at will and believes non-Biblical things,

--- and more importantly misses the fact that many Christians don't have the social morality opinions that JWH does, or like myself, have some of those opinions (although it seems lighter and somewhat/very different in points) but don't push them all on my many *close* non-Christian friends! ---

Yes, it's perfectly possible for a conservative Christian to be close buddies with people like Ben and have strong personal stances you think everyone would benefit from, you just have to like, love people and understand that people have different values and not be pushy about it. :)

Another example would be politics, there's really no reason to not be friends with people who believe the exact opposite things unless the ideology of either Person A or B includes 'be a dick to people who don't agree and close your ears and don't socialize with them/never listen'. Christianity does have a large minority of Churches who behave in such a way (though less than a lot of (but not all) other religions and ideologies due to the foundational figure and the Greeco-Roman influences), but most don't.

Anyway we shouldn't hate JWH, they're a cult that needs to be dismantled, and its members deprogrammed.

It should not be legal to require non-socialization with general society as a requirement for joining an organization.
That is a value of mine, I respect that JWH churches generally do not conform to it, and I could still be friends with them if they're willing, but they might find it offensive that I believe they should be dismantled for cultism. I would not change my opinion, but that said, I would not push it in a conversation or spend any time on it.

Anyway, Ben is a great person. I just hope his GF didn't kill herself, he let her go rather roughly because she was a drain, but I think we can forgive that of course, even if it was kinda cruel... Well, she was maybe even terminal anyway it seemed, but hopefully she goes in a gentle way or gets better. :(

But Christmas songs, yeah they're nice... well... most of them. <_<


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