The Story Thus Far
'Because I'm Depressed' is about Diego Rivera, a clinically-
depressed chain-smoking painkiller-addicted alcoholic widowed
single father, his hapless yet optimistic daughter Chel, and Diego's
high school buddies/Chel's godparents, Eve and Ben.

...That's pretty much all you need to know. There's little in the way
of an overarching story, so if you're new here you can start reading
just about anywhere. Start at the beginning, or give the "Random
Comic" button on the sidebar a try.

The Cast
Life is work, responsibilities, and suffering. Diego is a working man and a single father. He is also clinically depressed, and has the worst luck in the world. The only time life gives him a break is so it can be snatched right back and make him fall even lower than before. He (supposedly) has a heart of gold and loves those around him... perhaps the pills and the alcohol make this hard to see. Diego deals with his problems by letting them smother him to an early death.
Life is a bitch, and you have to be a bitch right back. Eve is all about happiness--her own happiness, that is. People are tools she manipulates to get what she wants. When that isn't enough, she finds pleasure in the displeasure of others. Deep down she suffers and has doubts like everyone else, but she's not the kind of person who likes to share her emotions with others (except anger). Eve deals with her problems by pawning them off on somebody else.
Life is about always having a good time. Ben is always chill, no matter what's going on around him. That's because he is an idiot. He owes his unflagging optimism to his own obliviousness, as he's usually too dense to notice all the trouble that follows him around. It's hilarious and depressing at the same time. Ben deals with his problems by ignoring them until they either go away or blow up in his face.
Life is strange and new. Young and inexperienced, Chel views the world with a juvenile naivete, and occasionally the kind of guiltless sadism only a child could possess. She loves making people happy, and the fact that she almost never succeeds at it doesn't stop her from trying. She easily gets her hopes up in a world that is constantly letting her down--she's a few years and a bunch of broken dreams away from becoming a joyless cynic like her father. Chel deals with her problems with a childlike innocence, because she is a fucking child.

The author is a sad, strange man living somewhere in the western United States.

He is known to enjoy reading, writing, drawing terrible comics, breathing, walking, and taking overly long showers.

He is believed to strongly dislike bright lights and being around people.

It is possible to contact him via Smack Jeeves, VGF, email, or smoke signals. You can also observe his freakish illustrations on Tumblr or Instagram.

Approach with caution.

Special thanks to Shelby Eaton and Ty Scheuerman.

Thanks to everyone on Video Game Forums.

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